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Overview [Early Access]

Nexmo Client SDK is a conversation-centric product consisting of iOS, Android, and JavaScript SDKs.

Client SDK enables communications across multiple Channels including:

Multiple types of Media are supported:

The Client SDK provides a convenient layer over the Nexmo Conversation API and WebRTC.

In-App Messaging

Build a feature-rich chat experience that includes typing indicators and sent, delivered and read receipts.

Some features include:

In-App Voice

Nexmo In-App Voice uses WebRTC and includes all the essentials you need to build a feature-rich voice experience.

Some features include:

Participating in the Early Access program

This Early Access will focus on the In-App Voice capabilities. During this program, there will be frequent releases with new features and bug fixes based on your feedback. During the Early Access, it is possible that there shall be breaking changes to the SDK and API but these will be explicitly communicated beforehand.

If you want to communicate with Nexmo during the Early Access you can:

Next Steps

Read more about:

SDK Documentation (generated from source code)