Welcome to the Nexmo Developer Documentation. Get familiar with concepts common to Nexmo APIs and products. Then start building connected applications with Nexmo.


There are a number of shared concepts between the various Nexmo APIs:

  • Applications - Security and configuration information you need to connect to Nexmo endpoints
  • Authentication – API keys, OAuth, and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)
  • OAuth – How to use OAuth 1.0a with Nexmo's API
  • Signing requests – How to cryptographically sign requests
  • Webhooks – Nexmo's API can send data back to your web server via a webhook


Documentation within Nexmo Developer is organised by product. Within each product section you'll find the following types of documentation:

  • Guides - A walkthrough of the product highlighting core functionality and features
  • Building Blocks - Quick access code samples to help you construct your programmable communications apps
  • Tutorials - Step-by-step tutorials to help you build common communications use cases
  • API Reference - The resources, parameters and payload examples

Nexmo Stitch Developer Preview

Build multi-platform applications with contextual communications

Messages and Workflows Developer Preview

Integrate with various communication channels including Facebook Messenger and Viber with failover.