Welcome to the Nexmo Developer Documentation. Get familiar with concepts common to Nexmo APIs and products. Then start building connected applications with Nexmo.


There are a number of shared concepts between the various Nexmo APIs:

  • Applications - Security and configuration information you need to connect to Nexmo endpoints
  • Authentication – API keys, OAuth, and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs)
  • OAuth – How to use OAuth 1.0a with Nexmo's API
  • Signing requests – How to cryptographically sign requests
  • Webhooks – Nexmo's API can send data back to your web server via a webhook

You can also find definitions of commonly used terms in the Glossary.


Documentation within Nexmo Developer is organised by product. Within each product section you'll find the following types of documentation:

  • Guides - Key concepts highlighting core functionality and features
  • Building Blocks - Quick access code samples to help you construct your programmable communications apps
  • Tutorials - Step-by-step tutorials to help you build solutions to common communications use cases
  • API Reference - The resources, parameters and payload examples

Nexmo Stitch Developer Preview

Build multi-platform applications with contextual communications

Messages and Workflows Developer Preview

Integrate with various communication channels including Facebook Messenger and Viber with failover.