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Nexmo Developer Relations Team

Our mission is to build a world-class open source documentation platform to help developers build connected products.

Here are some of the people behind Nexmo Developer. Oh, and we're hiring for the developer relations team and other teams at Nexmo.


Kelly Andrews

Developer Advocate @kellyjandrews


Adam Culp

Developer Advocate @adamculp


Michael Heap

Developer Relations Manager @mheap


Alex Lakatos

Developer Advocate @lakatos88


Martyn Davies

Developer Relations Manager @martynd


Mark Lewin

Technical Writer @devtechwriter


Phil Leggetter

Director of Developer Relations @leggetter


Olia Dukova

Community Management Lead @oliadukova


Mark Smith

Developer Advocate @judy2k


Lorna Mitchell

Developer Advocate @lornajane


Garann Means

Developer Advocate


Amanda Folson

Developer Relations Manager @AmbassadorAwsum


Fabian Rodriguez

Nexmo Developer Tech Lead @fabianrbz


Chen Hui Jing

Developer Advocate @hj_chen


Luke Oliff

Developer Advocate @mroliff


Tony Bedford

Technical Writer


Ben Greenberg

Developer Advocate @rabbigreenberg


Myrsini Koukiasa

Senior Community Manager @myrsiningos


Sam Machin

Developer Advocate @sammachin


Paul Ardeleanu

Developer Advocate @pardel


Laura Czajkowski

Developer Relations Manager @Czajkowski


Aaron Bassett

Developer Advocate @aaronbassett


Bethany Loft

Junior Community Event Manager @bb_loft


Britt Barak

Developer Advocate @brittBarak


Lauren Lee

Developer Educator @lolocoding



Steve Crow

Developer Advocate @cr0wst


Manik Sachdeva

Developer Advocate @maniksach


Adam Butler

Nexmo Developer Technical Lead @labfoo


Rabeb Othmani

Developer Advocate @Rabeb_Othmani


Tom Morris

Technical Writer @tommorris


Chris Guzman

Developer Advocate @speaktochris


Many of the improvements made to Nexmo Developer have come from our wonderful community.

Check out our Contributors page on GitHub.

Write for Nexmo

You don't have to be part of the team to write for Nexmo.
Thanks to our Developer Spotlight program, you can get paid $400 to write for us.

Join the team

If what we are building sounds interesting to you please see our open positions and get in touch with us at

Developer Relations

Developer Advocate - Extend Program Remote, United States

We are looking for an experienced developer relations, technical partner advocate or customer facing developer to establish and evolve the Vonage and Nexmo technology ecosystem through enabling partnerships with cutting edge platforms, owning and building key integrations, creating open source components and assisting development partners with key opportunities. These products run the gamut from Bots, AI, workflow routing to iPaaS integration.

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Developer Advocate Tel Aviv, Israel

As a Developer Advocate at Nexmo, The Vonage API Platform your main responsibilities will be to build relationships and support technology communities through learning, creating, sharing, and helping others. You will be the interface between developer communities and the Nexmo product teams to ensure that Nexmo continues to build innovative products that provide a great developer experience. You will support local and international developer communities, demonstrate the benefits of communications functionality and inspire others to innovate with them.

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Community Manager, Online & Developer Platforms Remote (GMT-5 to GMT+2) / Occasional Travel to London

We are looking for a Community Manager with a keen awareness of how technology advocacy takes place online. Your goal will be to establish and evolve the Vonage, Nexmo and Tokbox technology ecosystem through involvement in online communities such as Stack Overflow, Slack, Discourse and others. You’ll write and curate high-quality answers to incoming technical questions and ensuring that the work of the entire Developer Relations team is reflected in a hard-to-miss manner across many areas where developers exist online.

In addition to online advocacy, you will work to raise awareness of our events through regular and consistent social media presence, experiment with new forms of content promotion, create and manage online engagement such as live streams, contests, and Q&A/AMAs.

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Developer Advocate - OpenTok Remote, San Francisco Bay Area

At Nexmo we’ve made building better developer experiences part of our core mission. That's why we're looking for a Developer Advocate to help spread the word about the OpenTok API to developers around the world, online, and in person. You’ll be the face of Nexmo at hackathons and conferences, give amazing demos, contribute to discussions, collaborate on insightful blog posts, and empower developers to solve problems with our APIs.

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