We’re assembling a team of developers passionate about building connected applications and inspiring their communities.

Embark on a journey of exploration and get access to pre-release products, learn from API experts, improve your technical communication skills, and support your peers.

What is required to become a Voyager?

To participate in the Vonage Voyagers program you must:

  • Be fluent in written and spoken English
  • Be over 18 years old and have a Vonage API account
  • Show how you’ve used Vonage APIs to create content for your peers or to build communications into your projects
  • Demonstrate expertise within a specific developer community or area
  • Display empathy and understanding when trying to help others grasp technological concepts or solve issues

What perks come with being part of the Program?

As an official Voyager, you’ll join a crew of like-minded developers with exclusive access to:

  • Pre-release products
  • Mentorship and learning opportunities with Vonage developer advocates, product managers, engineers and more
  • Training to improve your content creation skills and access to our platforms to expand your reach
  • Limited edition swag
  • Other fantastic opportunities to learn from and share with your communities

How does a Voyager contribute?

Voyagers help developers build powerful applications. Here’s how you can contribute:

  • Participate in pre-release product feedback sessions, such as online hack days
  • Create content showcasing how you’re using Vonage APIs together with other technologies
  • Contribute to our Open Source projects and provide feedback on developer documentation
  • Help other developers on the Vonage Developer Community Slack and other platforms
  • Support your developer community by letting us know how we can help

Discover the Vonage Voyagers

Héctor Zelaya headshot

Héctor Zelaya

Software engineer, hobbyist musician and happy husband. Consultant working on DevOps, programming and technical writing.

@inuxero nuxero El Salvador
Michael Owolabi headshot

Michael Owolabi

I am a Software Engineer from Lagos, Nigeria. I also write technical articles in a bid to make learning process easier for others. I love to travel and enjoy adventure when not writing code/articles

@iMichaelOwolabi iMichaelOwolabi Lagos, Nigeria
Mary Jo Staebler headshot

Mary Jo Staebler

Web Designer & Developer, Twitch Streamer, Coffee Addict. Create online solutions for business that help them grow.

@MaryJoStaebler MaryJoStaebler USA / Washington
Victor Steven headshot

Victor Steven

Software engineer. Technical writer. Prefers working on the backend and building scalable APIs. Love playing basketball.

@stevensunflash victorsteven Lagos, Nigeria
Gabriel Cruz headshot

Gabriel Cruz

Computer Science Undergraduate, Technical Writer, Parkour Traceur and a proud member of the LGBT community. Spreading love and compassion in tech.

@gmelodiecruz gmelodie Londrina, Brazil

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