Create Routes

We will add three HTTP routes to the server.rb file, two GET routes and one POST route.

The first GET route will start a new phone call after it is accessed. The second GET route will welcome the recipient with a greeting. The POST route will send the streaming audio instructions to the Voice API once the call has been answered:

get '/new' do
  response = client.voice.create(
    to: [{ type: 'phone', number: ENV['VONAGE_NUMBER'] }],
    from: { type: 'phone', number: ENV['TO_NUMBER'] },
    answer_url: ["#{BASE_URL}/answer"],
    event_url: ["#{BASE_URL}/event"]

  puts response.inspect

get '/answer' do
  content_type :json
      :action => 'stream',
      :streamUrl => [''],
      :loop => 0

post '/event' do
  data = JSON.parse(
  response =['uuid'], stream_url: [AUDIO_URL]) if data['status'] == 'answered'
  puts response.inspect