Configure your prerequisites

There are a few prerequisites that you need to complete before you can work through this tutorial. If you've already completed any of them, feel free to skip that step.

You can create a Vonage account via the Dashboard.

Within the Dashboard you can create Applications and purchase Vonage numbers. You can also perform these tasks using the Nexmo CLI.

The Nexmo CLI allows you to carry out many operations on the command line. Examples include creating applications, purchasing numbers, and linking a number to an application.

To install the nexmo CLI with NPM you can use:

npm install nexmo-cli -g

Set up the Nexmo CLI to use your Vonage API Key and API Secret. You can get these from the settings page in the Vonage Dashboard.

Execute the following command in a terminal, replacing API_KEY and API_SECRET with your own:

nexmo setup API_KEY API_SECRET