Text to Speech


Nexmo uses text-to-speech engines to allow you to play machine generated speech to your users. This can either be done via an NCCO with the use of the talk action, or by making a PUT request to an in-progress call.

You can customize how speech is read out by using Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML)


The following example NCCO shows a simple use case:

    "action": "talk",
    "voiceName": "Amy",
    "text": "Thank you for calling Nexmo. Please leave your message after the tone."


You should choose a voice that matches the language type of the text you are asking to be read, trying to read Spanish with an en-us voice for example will not produce good results. For many languages Nexmo offers a choice of voices with different styles and genders.

You can set the Voice with a Voice Name parameter in the talk command, if you do not specify a voice name then nexmo will default to Kimberly, an en-US voice.

Voice Names

Name Language Gender SSML support
Salli en-US female
Joey en-US male
Naja da-DK female
Mads da-DK male
Marlene de-DE female
Hans de-DE male
Nicole en-AU female
Russell en-AU male
Amy en-GB female
Brian en-GB male
Emma en-GB female
Geraint en-GB-WLS male
Gwyneth cy-GB female
Raveena en-IN female
Ivy en-US female
Matthew en-US male
Justin en-US male
Kendra en-US female
Kimberly en-US female
Joanna en-US female
Conchita es-ES female
Enrique es-ES male
Penelope es-US female
Miguel es-US male
Chantal fr-CA female
Celine fr-FR female
Mathieu fr-FR male
Aditi hi-IN female
Dora is-IS female
Karl is-IS male
Carla it-IT female
Giorgio it-IT male
Liv nb-NO female
Lotte nl-NL female
Ruben nl-NL male
Jacek pl-PL male
Ewa pl-PL female
Jan pl-PL male
Maja pl-PL female
Vitoria pt-BR female
Ricardo pt-BR male
Cristiano pt-PT male
Ines pt-PT female
Carmen ro-RO female
Maxim ru-RU male
Tatyana ru-RU female
Astrid sv-SE female
Filiz tr-TR female
Mizuki ja-JP female
Seoyeon ko-KR female
Zeina ar Female
Zhiyu cmn-CN Female
Lea fr-FR Female
Vicki de-DE Female
Bianca it-IT Female
Takumi ja-JP Male
Mia es-MX Female
Lucia es-ES Female
Laila ara-XWW female
Maged ara-XWW male
Tarik ara-XWW male
Damayanti ind-IDN female
Miren baq-ESP female
Sin-Ji yue-CHN female
Jordi cat-ESP male
Montserrat cat-ESP female
Iveta ces-CZE female
Zuzana ces-CZE female
Tessa eng-ZAF female
Satu fin-FIN female
Melina ell-GRC female
Nikos ell-GRC male
Carmit heb-ISR female
Lekha hin-IND female
Mariska hun-HUN female
Sora kor-KOR female
Tian-Tian cmn-CHN female
Mei-Jia cmn-TWN female
Nora nor-NOR female
Henrik nor-NOR male
Luciana por-BRA female
Felipe por-BRA male
Catarina por-PRT female
Joana por-PRT female
Ioana ron-ROU female
Laura slk-SVK female
Alva swe-SWE female
Oskar swe-SWE male
Kanya tha-THA female
Cem tur-TUR male
Yelda tur-TUR female
Empar spa-ESP female

Discontinued voices

Some voices have been removed. The table below shows the discontinued voice names and which voice you will now get if you use the discontinued voice name.

Name Locale Gender Now redirects to
Chipmunk en-US male Justin
Eric en-US male Justin
Jennifer en-US female Kimberly
Agnieszka pl-PL female Ewa