Define the routes

You will use the following routes in your application:

  • / - the home page, where you will determine if a user is authenticated and prompt them to authenticate if not
  • /authenticate - to display a page where the user can enter their phone number
  • /verify - when the user has entered their phone number, redirect here to start the verification process and display a page where they can enter the code that they receive
  • /check-code - when the user has entered the verification code, this endpoint will use the Verify API to check if the code that they entered is the one that they were sent
  • /cancel - to remove any session details and send the user back to the home page

Create these routes in server.js, immediately before the code that initializes and runs the server:

app.get('/', (req, res) => {


app.get('/authenticate', (req, res) => {
});'/verify', (req, res) => {
});'/check-code', (req, res) => {


app.get('/cancel', (req, res) => {