Create the Node.js application

Enter the following commands at a terminal prompt:

mkdir stepup-auth
cd stepup-auth
touch server.js

Run npm init to create the Node.js application, accepting all the defaults.

The application you will create uses the Express framework for routing and the Pug templating system for building the UI.

In addition to express and pug, you will be using the following external modules:

  • express-session - to manage the login state of the user
  • body-parser - to parse POST requests
  • dotenv - to store your Vonage API key and secret and the name of your application in a .env file
  • nexmo - the Node Server SDK

Install these dependencies by running the following npm command at a terminal prompt:

npm install express express-session pug body-parser dotenv @vonage/server-sdk

Note: This tutorial assumes that you have Node.js installed and are running in a Unix-like environment. The terminal commands for Windows environments might be different.