Send verification code with workflow

When you have collected a user's phone number, start the verification process by sending a verify request to the Verify API. This example includes use of a specific workflow for the request.

The Verify API returns a request_id. Use this to identify a specific verification request in subsequent calls to the API, such as when making a check request to see if the user provided the correct code.

Replace the following variables in the sample code with your own values:

Name Description
NEXMO_API_KEY Your Nexmo API key
NEXMO_API_SECRET Your Nexmo API secret
RECIPIENT_NUMBER The phone number to verify
WORKFLOW_ID Choose a workflow (number between 1 and 5), these are defined in the workflows guide

Write the code

Add the following to

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curl -X GET "$NEXMO_API_KEY&api_secret=$NEXMO_API_SECRET&number=$RECIPIENT_NUMBER&brand=AcmeInc&workflow_id=$WORKFLOW_ID"

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Run your code

Save this file to your machine and run it: