JavaScript Developer Advocate

Remote, San Francisco Bay Area

As a JavaScript advocate focusing on Programmable Conversations (IP-based messaging, audio and video) at Nexmo, your main responsibilities will be to support various teams throughout the development of a new product. This will include providing SDK and API feedback to internal teams, working closely with partners that are integrating the product and producing demos and documentation for the wider developer community.

Although the Nexmo DevRel team is primarily remote, we’re looking for people in the San Francisco Bay Area for this role. Our office is at 501 2nd Street and we’d expect you to be in the office 2-3 days per week initially.

What you’ll do

  • Work with the product and engineering teams on our JavaScript “Programmable Conversation” SDK, which allows you to build IP messaging, audio and video in to your web apps (we offer iOS and Android SDKs too!)
  • Build and maintain the JavaScript code samples in our documentation, demo applications and tools that make our customers lives easier
  • Build and document open source prototypes to demonstrate using Nexmo APIs in conjunction with complementary technologies
  • Write blog posts and tutorials, and use social media in order to promote them, share knowledge, request feedback, collaborate and engage with fellow developers
  • Contribute to and provide feedback on APIs, SDKs, documentation and product functionality through hands-on development, individual opinion, discussions with the developer community and by organising and running beta/alpha programmes
  • Provide support via channels such as Twitter, StackOverflow and GitHub

Who you are

  • Empathy is a core value for you. You see the best intentions in all actions and help move things forward
  • 3+ years professional Javascript experience
  • Knowledge of Git and GitHub
  • Experience of writing technical documentation or tutorials for a developer audience
  • Familiarity with at least 3 of the following: Node, Express, ES6/ES2015, TypeScript, React, Angular, Vue, Web Components, Polymer, WebSocket, WebRTC, Babel, webpack
  • Experience of giving technical talks within an organisation, at meetups or at events

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