Developer Educator

Remote, United States

We are looking for an experienced developer advocate, technical writer, boot camp educator or content creator to establish and evolve the Nexmo, Tokbox & Vonage technology ecosystem through the creation of content covering a wide range of products, services, and programming languages.

You’ll collaborate with our Developer Advocates and Content Marketing Team as well as with our Developer Experience and Engineering teams to understand all of the Nexmo & Tokbox product offering and then work to create regularly written tutorials, and blog posts that will engage and inspire developers at all skill levels.

The ideal candidate will be creative in how they make topics relatable, how they illustrate tough concepts and broad reaching in how they gather their ideas and inspiration of what to create next.

This role is US only but we are a remote friendly organization so please apply if you are based anywhere from GMT-8 to GMT-5.


  • Write tutorials and blog posts that engage, educate and inspire developers using the whole suite of Nexmo & Tokbox APIs, together and independently
  • Collaborate with Product, Engineering, Content Marketing and other colleagues to grow and improve the Nexmo and Vonage content output in terms of variety and scope
  • Discover and experiment with new mediums of delivering content such as video, audio and, well why not, VR!
  • Reach developers wherever they are online and drive adoption by understanding their issues, goals or tooling needs and creating content to match
  • Monitor external communities like Stack Overflow,, Discourse and Slack to identify new pieces of content to create, then make it happen.
  • Represent Vonage, Nexmo, and TokBox online through the written word and beyond


  • Empathy
  • 2+ years experience in a related technology field
  • Experience as a content focussed Developer Advocate, Technical Writer, Code Bootcamp Educator or other developer content creator
  • Experience of copy editing and writing for audiences of varying levels of skill
  • Excellent track record of regular publishing, either for another company or on your own site
  • Knowledge of APIs and experience of writing code samples, demos, tutorials or technical blog posts using at least two of the following languages: PHP, Python, .NET/C#, Ruby, Swift/Objective C, Java or Go.
  • A passion for communications technologies and their business application
  • Experience of working within multi-functional teams (product, marketing, customer success, etc)
  • Strong communicator who can explain complex technical concepts in a written manner without breaking the word count

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