Provides you with the classes you need to manage contextual communication inside your app. You use the Nexmo REST APIs to create the framework for contextual communication. That is, manage applications, create the users associated with each application and the jwts for authentication with Conversation API. You use this SDK to manage real time communication. That is:
  • The Session when an authenticated user is connected to Conversation API through your app
  • The Conversations your users can create, join and invite other users to become members of
  • The Members of each Conversation
  • The presence state of each Conversation Member
  • The events and interactions between Members. That is, text or data sent by a Member to a Conversation


Call Calls can be made towards specified users. 
CallEvent Incoming events from a call. 
Conversation A container that you use to manage communications between Members, the conversation history and context. 
ConversationClient You use a ConversationClient instance to utilise the services provided by Conversation API in your app. 
ConversationClient.ConversationClientBuilder API for creating ConversationClient instances. 
ConversationClient.ConversationClientConfig POJO which contains current configuration (has to be built by Builder) First step is to acquire a ```ConversationClient``` instance based on a context. 
ConversationClient.IPSHeader HTTP headers to be provided to access IPS service's media  
DeliveredReceipt A delivery receipt confirms delivery of your message, but not that the members involved in the conversation have seen it or read it. 
Event Event is a foundation for different types of messages 
Image Send an image to a Conversation and handle activity receipts. 
ImageRepresentation Each image representation can be defined by type: ImageRepresentation.TYPE
Member Use this class to retrieve information about a Member and handle state. 
MemberMedia MemberMedia contains an immutable media state for any member. 
ReceiptRecord Receipt Record holds data for: SeenReceipt and DeliveryReceipt. 
SeenReceipt Seen receipts for events: of type Text and Image. 
Text Send a message to a Conversation and handle activity receipts. 
User A user is a person associated with your Application. 


Call.CALL_STATE Enum for Call states. 
Call.MEMBER_CALL_STATE Enum for Call Member states.@constant