Download the report

When the report is ready (the request_status field in the check status request reads SUCCESS) you can download the report by making a GET request to the URL in the download_report field.

Create the download request

To make the request:

  1. Change the HTTP method to GET.
  2. Enter the download_report URL in the address bar.
  3. Complete the "Authorization" tab in the same way as before.
  4. In the "Body" tab, select the "none" radio button.

Download the report
Download the report

Execute the download request

Click the "Send" button. The response contains unreadable text, because the API returns a compressed CSV file.

Click the "Save Response" button in Postman, select the "Save to a file" option and choose a location on your local machine to save the .zip file to.

Save the compressed file locally
Save the compressed file locally

Extract the contents of the .zip file and open the .csv file to view your report.

Create a CSV report using a graphical tool

Create a report using the graphical tool, Postman.