Number Insight Overview

Nexmo's Number Insight API provides details about the validity, reachability and roaming status of a phone number, as well as give you details on how to format the number properly in your application.

There are three levels of Number Insight API available: Basic, Standard and Advanced. The advanced API can be used asynchronously as well as synchronously.

Feature Basic Standard Advanced
Retrieve international and local format
Country recognition
Line type detection (mobile/landline/virtual number/premium/toll-free)
Detect mobile country code (MCC) and mobile network code (MNC)
Detect if number is ported
Identify caller name (USA only)
Check if phone number is reachable
Identify network when roaming
Confirm user's IP address is in same location as their mobile phone
Asynchronous API available

You should be careful to check legislation in your country to make sure you can save user information about roaming.


  • Webhooks - the Advanced Async API uses webhooks to return more comprehensive data when it becomes available.

Getting Started

Before you begin:

Note: If you do not wish to install Node in order to use the Nexmo CLI you can also create applications using the Application API

Install and Setup the Nexmo CLI (Command Line Interface)

Install the Nexmo CLI:

$ npm install -g nexmo-cli

Note: depending on your system setup you may need to prefix the above command with sudo*

Using your Nexmo API_KEY and API_SECRET, available from the dashboard getting started page  , you now setup the CLI with these credentials.

$ nexmo setup API_KEY API_SECRET

Check your number using the Nexmo CLI

$ nexmo insight:basic 447555555555

See Number Insight Basic Building Block for details on how to use this in detail.