Before you Begin

What are building blocks?

Building blocks are short pieces of code you can reuse in your own applications. The building blocks use code from the Nexmo Quickstart  repositories.

Please read this information carefully before attempting to use the building blocks.


  1. Create a Nexmo account - so that you can access your API key and secret to authenticate requests.
  2. Rent a Nexmo Number - if you want to receive inbound SMS.
  3. Install a REST Client library - for your chosen programming language.


If you want to receive incoming SMS or delivery receipts, you will need to create a webhook  . Nexmo needs to be able to access your webhook via the public internet.

During development you can use Ngrok  to expose the webhooks you create on your local machine to Nexmo's APIs. See Using Ngrok for local development  for details of how to set up and use Ngrok.