Provision the WhatsApp deployment

Before you begin

Prior to deploying the WhatsApp cluster, you must gather some information from the WhatsApp Business dashboard, including:

WhatsApp Business Account ID

  1. Select Business Info > Business Settings.
  2. Your Business ID is located below Business Manager Account Name.

Phone Number

  1. Navigate to Phone Numbers.
  2. Locate the desired phone number in the list.

Certificate (associated with your phone number)

  1. Navigate to Phone Numbers.
  2. Locate the desired phone number in the list.
  3. Click the View button (in the Certificate column).
  4. Copy the associated certificate to your clipboard and paste it in a separate document. You will need it in a subsequent step.

Install CLI

npm install nexmo-cli@beta -g

Create a Vonage Application

A Vonage API application contains the security and configuration information you need to connect to Vonage endpoints and use the Vonage APIs. In this case, you must create an application that uses the Vonage Messages API.

Note: Your WhatsApp account must be connected to your Vonage account before you can link it to a Vonage application. You can connect your WhatsApp account to your Vonage account via the Vonage API Dashboard.

  • Both CLI and Dashboard examples are here

Generate your JWT

export JWT=$(nexmo jwt:generate $PATH_TO_PRIVATE_KEY application_id=$NEXMO_APPLICATION_ID)

Provision WhatsApp Deployment

Key Description
country_code The international dialing code of the number being provisioned.
number The WhatsApp number being provisioned.
vname_certificate The certificate, which you can retrieve from your WhatsApp Business dashboard. > NOTE: Each time you click the View button, the certificate will change. Either download or copy your certificate so you can use it in a subsequent step.
method The method for delivering the one time password (OTP). Must be either sms or voice.
waba_id The WhatsApp Business Account ID of the WhatsApp Number.
curl -X POST\
  -H "Authorization: Bearer "$JWT\
  -H "Content-Type: application/json"\
  -d '{
        "country_code": "44",
        "number": "7877001122",
        "vname_certificate": "CnQKMAj669nb79e",
        "method": "sms",
        "waba_id": "345676589250625"

Once provisioned, the WhatsApp cluster progresses through the following deployment stages: INITIALIZING, CREATING_CLUSTER and CLUSTER_CREATED. When the CLUSTER_CREATED stage is reached an OTP voice call or SMS is sent to the specified number and the deployment status becomes CODE_SENT. When the OTP is received, call the Verify API to complete the process.

Verify OTP

Key Description
code The one time password being submitted for verification.
curl -X POST$DEPLOYMENT_ID/verify\
  -H "Authorization: Bearer "$JWT\
  -H "Content-Type: application/json"\
  -d '{ "code": "$CODE" }'

Now that the WhatsApp cluster has been successfully deployed, you may manage your WhatsApp Business profile.