Add a phone number

In order to use the WhatsApp Manager API to create deployments, link your business account to a number, and manage your WhatsApp Business account profile, you must first add a phone number in your WhatsApp Business account.

To set up a phone number for your account:

  1. Navigate to Business Manager. If you have access to multiple business managers, select the Vonage page.
  2. Select the WhatsApp business account for which you want to set up a phone number. You can access the WhatsApp business account by selecting the Settings tab, then WhatsApp Manager. The account opens in a new page.
  3. From the side bar, click Phone Numbers.
  4. Click Add Phone Number.
  5. Enter your phone number and display name. Your customers will see the display name when your messages appear in their WhatsApp app.
  6. Click Next. You’ll see a confirmation that your display name has been sent for review.
  7. Click Done. Your phone number will have a Name pending review label below Certificate. Once it’s approved, you’ll see a View button.
  8. Below Certificate, click View. Download your certificate because you will need to use it when provisioning your WhatsApp cluster.

NOTE: Each time you click the View button, the certificate will change. Either download or copy your certificate so you can use it in a subsequent step.

You may now provision your WhatsApp deployment.