Server SDK

In addition to being able to use Messages and Dispatch via the REST APIs, Nexmo also provides Server SDK support. The Server SDK provides a simple way to build you Messages and Dispatch applications. You can simply call the Server SDK to carry out tasks such as sending messages from your application.

NOTE: Currently Server SDK support is only available for Node.


During Beta, the Node Server SDK containing support for the Messages and Dispatch API can be installed using:

$ npm install --save nexmo@beta

If you already have the Server SDK installed the above command will upgrade your SDK to the latest version.


If you decide to use the Server SDK you will need the following information:

Key Description
NEXMO_API_KEY The Nexmo API key which you can obtain from your Nexmo Dashboard.
NEXMO_API_SECRET The Nexmo API secret which you can obtain from your Nexmo Dashboard.
NEXMO_APPLICATION_ID The Nexmo Application ID for your Nexmo Application which can be obtained from your Nexmo Dashboard.
NEXMO_APPLICATION_PRIVATE_KEY_PATH The path to the private.key file that was generated when you created your Nexmo Application.

These variables can then be replaced with actual values in the Server SDK example code.


See the code snippets section for further examples on how to use the Server SDK.