Legacy Documentation

Deprecated Number Insight API

Note: This is a deprecated API, you should use the updated Number Insight API.

Title Link
Number Insight Basic API https://docs.nexmo.com/number-insight/ni_legacy/basic 
Number Insight Standard API https://docs.nexmo.com/number-insight/ni_legacy/standard 
Number Insight Advanced API https://docs.nexmo.com/number-insight/ni_legacy/advanced 
Number Insight Advanced Async API https://docs.nexmo.com/number-insight/advanced-async/api-reference 

Deprecated Voice products

Note: These are deprecated APIs, you should use the updated Voice API.

Title Link
Call API https://docs.nexmo.com/voice/voice-deprecated/call 
VoiceXML Quickstarts https://docs.nexmo.com/voice/voice-deprecated/VoiceXML 

Deprecated Verify products

Note: These are deprecated SDKs, you should use the Verify API instead.

Title Link
Verify SDK for iOS https://docs.nexmo.com/verify/verify-sdk-for-iOS 
Verify SDK for Android https://docs.nexmo.com/verify/verify-sdk-for-android 
Verify SDK for JavaScript https://docs.nexmo.com/verify/verify-sdk-for-javascript