Nexmo @ RailsConf 2019

Hello, Rubyists! We love catching up with you at events, and we've put together some resources that we hope you find useful.

Nexmo ❤️ Rails

At Nexmo, we love Rails - it's one of our most-loved frameworks by customers and Developer Advocates alike. Start your Nexmo project by installing the brand new Nexmo Rails gem. This will install the nexmo Ruby client library gem and automatically configure it:

# Gemfile
gem 'nexmo-rails'
$ bundle install 
$ rails generate nexmo_initializer

You can read more about our new Rails gem and what you can do with it on the Nexmo blog.

Get started by making a call

Once you've added nexmo-rails to your project, making a call is as easy as adding four lines of code to your application! Just tell us who the call is to, who it's from and how you'd like us to handle it and we'll take care of the rest.

response = Nexmo.calls.create({
  to: [{type: 'phone', number: '14155550100'}],
  from: {type: 'phone', number: '14155550102'},
  ncco: [{"action": "talk", "text": "Hello world!"}]

The Nexmo Booth Prizes!

The Details

In addition to all of our normal swag, we are giving away two special prizes during RailsConf:

  • LEGO City Passenger Train Building Kit

  • Nintendo Switch

How To Win

To win the awesome prize of a LEGO City Passenger Train Building Kit, you'll need to take a creative and fun picture with our Nexmo swag that you can grab from our booth and tag @NexmoDev with the hashtag #RailsConf. Our highly professional team of advocates will review all the entrants and choose the one we found most creative utilizing our sophisticated algorithm-based decision making process. One entry per person.

To win the equally awesome prize of a Nintendo Switch, you just need stop by our booth and have your badge scanned for the giveaway. We will be picking a random entry on day two. This too, is one entry per person.

The winner of the Nintendo Switch will be emailed by lunch time on Thursday and can pick it up anytime the rest of the day of the conference. The winner of the LEGO set will be announced on Twitter on Thursday before the 4pm afternoon break and can pick it up starting at the afternoon break until the end of the conference day.

The Rules

This is a very complicated giveaway process. In order to be eligible you must abide by the following rules:


Use the Voice API to make and receive phone calls programmatically. You can broadcast messages by phone, respond to incoming calls and route callers according to their input.


With our Messages API (and its accompanying Dispatch API) your applications can reach users by the messaging platform they prefer. Message not received? No problem, automatically detect that and try another platform.


Ensure that users provide the correct contact details with Verify API. The two-factor authentication (2FA) API reduces fraud and improves contactability for your application's users.

Pro-tip: Download the OpenAPI spec from our API reference pages and import directly into Postman as a collection to quickly explore the APIs.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Come and say hello at the Nexmo booth! We'd love to hear what you're having issues with to help you out (and improve the docs at the same time!)