Overview pages are the first pages you reach when you select a product. They serve to support the user to understand the product and direct them to the most appropriate resources.


Explain what the product is and with bullet points what you can do with the product.

Note: The opening has no heading as the Overview heading serves this purpose.


This should be a bulleted outline of the contents of the current page, each item should be an anchor link to a page heading.


It's important to make sure that the user has a grasp of subjects that are common throughout the product you are documenting. Concepts introduces these in brief and links off to further reading where appropriate. Concepts will usually be described in more detail in the Guides.

Getting started

This section is designed to prove to the user the product does what it claims to. This could be an interactive demonstration or an opinionated and basic getting started guide.


Now that the user has an understanding of what the product does, it's important to tell them what the capabilities of the product are. Also add links to the guides here.

Further reading

Further reading isn't a section itself but rather contains links off to the product Code Snippets, Guides, API References and Tutorials.