Introduction to contributing content

The easiest ways to contribute to Nexmo Developer can be found in the footer of most pages. You can either comment on the documentation usefulness or propose changes to improve the content.


Providing feedback on Nexmo Developer helps our documentation team identify which pages require improvements and help us understand which pages are providing clear and effective documentation.

Feedback links in page footer

Suggesting changes

Many pages have an Improve this page link that takes you to the source Markdown document in GitHub. You can then click edit to propose changes to the document.

Propose file change

Once you've made your edits to the document you can commit it by pressing Propose file change, providing a short description of the changes being made.

Create a pull request

You'll then get to see a preview of the changes, if you're happy to proceed you should submit them for review by creating a pull request by clicking Create pull request.

Complete a pull request

Finally, you can optionally provide a bit more context and complete the creation of a pull request by clicking Create pull request.

The Nexmo team will then review the changes and either publish or comment on the proposed changes as appropriate.