Send a message

Time to send the first message.

Inside ChatViewModel class, locate the onSendMessage method and fill its body:

fun onSendMessage(message: String) {
    if (conversation == null) {
        _errorMessage.postValue("Error: Conversation does not exist")

    conversation?.sendText(message, object : NexmoRequestListener<Void> {
        override fun onSuccess(p0: Void?) {

        override fun onError(apiError: NexmoApiError) {

NOTE: Inside ChatFragment class, contains sendMessageButton listener that was written for you. This method is called when user click send button. If message text exists above viewModel.onSendMessage() method is called.

You'll notice that, although the message was sent, the conversation doesn't include it. It is possible to call the getConversationEvents() method after the message is sent, but the SDK provides a better way to handle this scenario. Let's do that in the next step.