Receive new messages

You can display incoming messages by implementing the conversation listener.

Now, locate the private val messageListener = object : NexmoMessageEventListener property in the ChatViewModel class and implement conversation listener onTextEvent method:

private val messageListener = object : NexmoMessageEventListener {
    override fun onTypingEvent(typingEvent: NexmoTypingEvent) {}

    override fun onAttachmentEvent(attachmentEvent: NexmoAttachmentEvent) {}

    override fun onTextEvent(textEvent: NexmoTextEvent) {

    override fun onSeenReceipt(seenEvent: NexmoSeenEvent) {}

    override fun onEventDeleted(deletedEvent: NexmoDeletedEvent) {}

    override fun onDeliveredReceipt(deliveredEvent: NexmoDeliveredEvent) {}

Now each time a new message is received onTextEvent(textEvent: NexmoTextEvent) listener is called, the new message will be passed to updateConversation method and dispatched to the view via conversationEvents LiveData (same LiveData used to dispatch all the messages after loading conversation events).

The last thing to do is to make sure that all listeners are removed when ChatViewModel is destroyed, for example, when the user navigates back. Fill the body of the onCleared() method in the ChatViewModel class.

override fun onCleared() {

Run the app

You can either launch the app on the physical phone (with USB Debugging enabled) or create a new Android Virtual Device. When device is present press Run button: