Fetch the Conversation

Inside ChatViewModel class, locate the following line and fill in the getConversation() method implementation:

private fun getConversation() {
    client.getConversation(Config.CONVERSATION_ID, object : NexmoRequestListener<NexmoConversation> {

        override fun onSuccess(conversation: NexmoConversation?) {
            this@ChatViewModel.conversation = conversation

            conversation?.let {

        override fun onError(apiError: NexmoApiError) {
            this@ChatViewModel.conversation = null
            _errorMessage.postValue("Error: Unable to load conversation ${apiError.message}")

Notice the use of the client - this references the exact same object as the client referred in the LoginViewModel (instance is also retrieved by NexmoClient.get()).

Note: Conversation id is retrieved from Config.CONVERSATION_ID provided in the previous step.