Configure JWTs and conversation id

Create a Config.kt file in the com.vonage.tutorial.messaging package to store the configuration. Right click on the messaging package and select New > Kotlin Class/File. Enter Config as name and select File and press Enter to confirm.

Replace the file contents with the following code:

package com.vonage.tutorial.messaging

object Config {

    const val CONVERSATION_ID: String = "" // TODO: set conversation Id

    val alice = User(
        "ALICE_TOKEN" // TODO: "set Alice's JWT token"
    val bob = User(
        "BOB_TOKEN" // TODO: "set Bob's JWT token"

data class User(
    val name: String,
    val jwt: String

Now it's time to configure conversation and users. Replace the CONVERSATION_ID and JWT tokens with values generated in a earlier steps:

  1. CONVERSATION_ID - id of the conversation created in the previous step
  2. ALICE_TOKEN - Alice JWT token
  3. BOB_TOKEN - Bob JWT token

Notice that these constants and values are hardcoded to store the properties of users. This makes it easier to use these values later in this tutorial.