Create your Nexmo Application

You now need to create a Nexmo application. In this step you create an application capable of handling both in-app Voice and in-app Messaging use cases.

1) First create your project directory if you've not already done so.

2) Change into the project directory.

3) Create a Nexmo application by copying and pasting the command below. Make sure to replace GIST-URL with the URL (see screenshot below).

nexmo app:create "App to Phone Tutorial" --capabilities=voice --keyfile=private.key  --voice-event-url= --voice-answer-url=GIST-URL 


NOTE: An application can be also created using the CLI's interactive mode.

A file named .nexmo-app is created in your project directory and contains the Nexmo Application ID and the private key. A private key file named private.key is also created.

For more details on how to create an application and various available application capabilities please see our documentation.

The command will also output some details including the generated Application ID. Please make a note of it as you'll need it in the future.

Nexmo Dashboard

You can also obtain information about your application, including the Application ID, in the Nexmo Dashboard.