Create your Nexmo application

You now need to create a Nexmo Application. In this step you create an application capable of handling voice use cases.

1. Create your project directory if you've not already done so.

mkdir nexmo-tutorial

2. Change into the project directory.

cd nexmo-tutorial

3. Create a Nexmo application by copying and pasting the command below into terminal Make sure to change the value of --voice-answer-url argument by replacing GIST-URL with the gist URL from the previous step.

nexmo app:create "App to App Tutorial" --capabilities=voice --keyfile=private.key  --voice-event-url= --voice-answer-url=GIST-URL

A file named .nexmo-app is created in your project directory and contains the newly created Nexmo Application ID and the private key. A private key file named private.key is also created.

Please make a note of the Application ID as you'll need it in the future.


NOTE: For more details on how to create an application and various available application capabilities please see our documentation.

NOTE: You can also obtain information about your application, including the Application ID, in the Nexmo Dashboard.