Configure your data center

You may need to configure the Client SDK to connect to your nearest data center. You can use this guide to help determine your best configuration.

NOTE: This is an advanced optional step. You only need to do this if you determine your network performance needs to be enhanced. For most users this configuration is not required. This step can be done after adding the SDK to your application.

Why configure your data centers?

You only need to do this if you believe your application performance could be improved by connecting to a more local data center.

Data centers available

Here are the available data centers:

Data Center Location
WDC Washington DC
DAL Dallas
LON London
SNG Singapore


It is possible to configure the following three URLs:

  1. nexmo_api_url: the Conversation API URL.
  2. url: the websocket URL.
  3. ips_url: the IPS URL for image upload.


This is the Conversation API URL. This is the URL used when the Client SDK calls the API.

The default value is

Data Center URL


This is the websocket URL: the URL that receives realtime events.

The default value is wss://

Data Center URL
WDC wss://
DAL wss://
LON wss://
SNG wss://


This is the IPS URL for image upload. This is the internal service used to store images being sent via in-app messages.

The default value is

Data Center URL


You can specify your preferred URLs when you create the Client SDK NexmoClient object:

const nexmoClient = new NexmoClient({
  nexmo_api_url: "",
  url: "wss://",
  ips_url: ""
val nexmoClient = NexmoClient.Builder()
NexmoClient nexmoClient = new NexmoClient.Builder()
let config = NXMClientConfig(apiUrl: "",
                             websocketUrl: "wss://",
                             ipsUrl: "")
let nexmoClient = NXMClient.shared
NXMClientConfig *config = [[NXMClientConfig alloc] initWithApiUrl:@"" websocketUrl:@"wss://" ipsUrl:@""];
[NXMClient setConfiguration:config];
NXMClient *client = NXMClient.shared;

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