Available Operations Errors

Redact API

The Redact API helps organisations meet their privacy compliance obligations. It provides controlled, on-demand redaction of private information from transactional records in the long-term storage. Note, Redact API does not have the capability to redact the short-lived server logs that are retained for a few weeks. For SMS customers that need immediate redaction, Vonage suggests using Advanced Auto-redact.

Available Operations:

Redact a specific message

POST https://api.nexmo.com/v1/redact/transaction
Host https://api.nexmo.com
POST /v1/redact/transaction


Key Description Example Default
Authorization Base64 encoded API key and secret joined by a colon.
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Basic <base64> None

Request body application/json

string | Required

The transaction ID to redact

string | Required

Product name that the ID provided relates to

Must be one of: sms, voice, number-insight, verify, verify-sdk or messages
string | Required | Default: outbound

Required if redacting SMS data

Must be one of: inbound or outbound

Example Request

  "id": "209ab3c7536542b91e8b5aef032f6861",
  "product": "sms",
  "type": "outbound"

Example Responses

204 401 403 404 422 429
  "type": "UNAUTHORIZED",
  "error_title": "Unauthorized"
  "type": "https://developer.nexmo.com/api-errors/redact#premature-redaction",
  "title": "Premature Redaction",
  "detail": "You must wait 60 minutes before redacting ID '0A000000B0C9A1234'",
  "instance": "bf0ca0bf927b3b52e3cb03217e1a1ddf"
  "type": "https://developer.nexmo.com/api-errors#unprovisioned",
  "title": "Authorisation error",
  "detail": "User=ABC123 is not provisioned to redact product=SMS",
  "instance": "bf0ca0bf927b3b52e3cb03217e1a1ddf"
  "type": "https://developer.nexmo.com/api-errors#invalid-id",
  "title": "Invalid ID",
  "detail": "ID '0A000000B0C9A1234' could not be found (type=MT)",
  "instance": "bf0ca0bf927b3b52e3cb03217e1a1ddf"
  "type": "https://developer.nexmo.com/api-errors#invalid-json",
  "title": "Invalid JSON",
  "detail": "Unexpected character ('\"' (code 34)): was expecting comma to separate Object entries",
  "instance": "bf0ca0bf927b3b52e3cb03217e1a1ddf"
  "type": "https://developer.nexmo.com/api-errors/redact#invalid-product",
  "title": "Invalid Product",
  "detail": "No product corresponding to supplied string sms2!",
  "instance": "bf0ca0bf927b3b52e3cb03217e1a1ddf"
  "type": "https://developer.nexmo.com/api-errors/redact#rate-limit",
  "title": "Rate Limit Hit",
  "detail": "Please wait, then retry your request",
  "instance": "bf0ca0bf927b3b52e3cb03217e1a1ddf"


The following is a non-exhaustive list of error codes that may occur while using this API. These codes are in addition to any of our generic error codes.

Code Details

The provided product is invalid


There is a 1 hour time period before data can be redacted to allow for all data to propagate through the Vonage system


The request was rate limited